Compass is recruiting HPV vaccinated women in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales aged 25-38 years. The world-first clinical trial aims to find the most effective strategies for cervical screening in HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccinated women.

In the Compass trial, you will have a test taken from your cervix in exactly the same way as you would usually have a routine Cervical Screening Test except that the cells will be put into a liquid rather than onto a glass slide. This liquid sample can be used to make a Pap smear or a HPV test. Some women in this trial will have a Pap smear, some women will have a test for HPV. ​

This trial is being conducted by VCS Foundation and Cancer Council NSW. ​

To join the trial, which is currently available at Family Planning NSW clinics in Fairfield, Newcastle, Penrith and Ashfield, interested women are encouraged to visit or call 1800 611 635.